Food Safety Roundup 11th July 2014

Food Safety In Australia

Coco Roco’s last moment of glory

It’s off topic but in the media. The owners of the long since closed Coco Roco restaurants have succesfully sued Fair Fax media over a bad review. It’s not that the review was bad, but in it the reviewer failed to identify Coco Roco as being two independent restaurants, and the reputation of both were damaged by the bad review.

So 11 years later the matter has been settled and the owners have won $600,000. Except the restaurants cost $3million and were shut down within 6 months of the review.

My point is simple – no restaurant can afford to gain a bad reputation.

And that was 11 years ago when food critics were far and few between. Now everyone can be a critic and have access to the world.

For the fulls story see The Guardian.

Food Safety Around the World

93 primary school students with food poisoning in Kwai Tsing, China

The Centre for Health Protection says another 80 people are now affected by food poisoning in a primary school in Kwai Tsing after eating lunch at the school on June 3rd.


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Australian Institute of Food Safety

They beat us to the domain name we wanted, but we will still give them mention. has some great resources and offer a great range of training courses.

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