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Another Kraft-y Scenario: Turkey Bacon Recalled


It seems like a series of unfortunate events is truly unfolding for the Kraft Heinz group – their turkey bacon product is being recalled (just after the cheese scenario – read more here – just seemed to blow over)! For those of us living in Australia, turkey and bacon are two very separate things. But of course, in the United States of America, they manage to create a hybrid of both of these. It is normally marketed as the low-fat alternative to the original bacon.

To the more important issue; the recall. Kraft Heinz has announced they will be recalling approximately 2,068,467 pounds (that is around 938241 kilograms) of their Oscar Mayer turkey bacon products. Why? Because the products might spoil before the ‘Best When Used By Date’ printed on the packaging.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) found out this information after conducting an investigation into spoilage-related consumer complaints.

As we have discussed in previous posts (check out our opinion on used by dates), we know that they are only a safety net for manufacturers. Even if the date printed on the packaging of food has not gone past, one must be on the lookout for;

  • bad smells coming from food
  • mould growing on food
  • discolouration of food

But if you can not see or smell any of the above and remain uncertain, play it safe and dispose of it.

Do you need to adopt such a method and not so heavily rely on a printed date? Do you need to familiarise yourself with the factors to look out for when food goes bad?

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