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Food Safety: The Importance of Expiry Dates

food safety

Expiry dates are an important factor in maintaining a good level of food safety. However, it is this factor that gets constantly missed. Most shoppers do not check the expiry date of the products they purchase.

Expiry dates are simple guidelines given by the manufacturers in regards to when a product should be used by.

Some become confused with the “sell by” and “used by” date that they mind find on the packaging. Which is the one should a consumer look at? The “sell by” date is used by the shops. It is a recommendation for when best to pull off products off the shelf. The “best by” date is for the customers; an indicator for when the food will taste its best and be at its highest quality.

For more details on expiry dates, click here.

Recently in Johannesburg, it was discovered that major chain stores Shoprite and Spar had been changing or removing the food labels of outdated products (and of course, this led to strings of ill people)

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) found that 84 retailers had changed the labels of basic food items such as eggs, milk, tea, mincemeat, baby formula and cheese.

Immediate action was taken by both groups to discipline the offenders.

Click here for more information on this incident.

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