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Video: Basic Hygiene Practices for the Catering Industry


This week, the webinar explores the proper hygiene precautions that should be considered by the catering industry. Simple practices and some that one may not have thought about will be explored.

Summary for Basic Hygiene Practices for the Catering Industry

This webinar will discuss the basic hygiene practices necessary to manage food safety hazards in the catering industry. The catering industry provides ready-to-eat food to consumers. It is therefore imperative that all necessary measures are taken to ensure that this food is safe and wholesome. Adequate measures are required to ensure the elimination of food hazards. Food hazards are classified as physical, chemical and microbiological. These hazards can cause various ailments and even death. Basic hygiene practices to manage these hazards include personal hygiene, equipment and premises maintenance, pest control, appropriate food preparation and storage practices.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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