Video: Dimmi Acquisition: The Inside Word

Dimmi is one of the many internet websites and phone applications that are being used by consumers which is used to provide restaurant details and customer reviews. A unique thing about this application is that it provides users with special deals.

For those in the food business, it is beneficial to get a better understanding on these sites. One can see what attracts a good review and what to avoid to prevent negative comments. Recently Dimmi has been acquired by TripAdvisor. The Australian Hospitality Magazine conducted an interview with the founder and director of Dimmi Australia to see what this change means for Aussie restaurants. All in all, many believe this change is for the better and will only help increase the popularity of restaurants. Not only locally, but also internationally. This is because Trip Advisor is one of the most frequently used sites in terms of finding places to travel/visit to world wide.

A Quick Summary of web interview, Dimmi Acquisition: The Inside Word

Dimmi founder Stevan Premutico explains why the company’s recent acquisition by TripAdvisor is good for Australia’s restaurant scene, and sheds light on where he thinks Dimmi will be in five years’ time.

Find video below;

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