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What Food Has Been Causing Aussies Food Poisoning?

Just when another frozen berry brand have made another recall (click here for more details), some Australians are facing a food poisoning scandal! Luckily, it’s not the entire country on alert. But who is being affected and what food is causing controversy?

Officials are warning Western Australians to avoid consuming raw or partially cooked eggs. This is because there has been a surge of salmonella food poisoning reports. The WA Health Department reported that there has been at least 713 reported infections since the end of April. This is four times the usual number of cases. This particular salmonella gastroenteritis is associated with a particular molecule associated with eggs.

How To Prevent Getting Food Poisoning From Eggs

Western Australians are advised to prepare egg dishes as close as possible to the time of eating them and refrigerate them at or below 5ºC. It was important to wash and dry hands thoroughly after handling eggs. This will help reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Do you need to take more care in consuming eggs? What are precautions you should be taking?

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