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How Is A Cruise Ship Managing The Gastro Outbreak?

One of the largest cruise ship in the world has docked in Hobart, Tasmania. The cruise liner, Ovation of the Seas, carries 5800 passengers and had been sailing for two weeks around Asia. So how is this cruise liner managing the gastro outbreak that caused nearly 200 people to be severely sick?

The cruiser had come from Singapore and during the trip to Australia, the outbreak occurred. From the spokesperson of Ovation of the Seas, the ship’s doctors have treated the short-lived illness with over-the-counter medication. There were 195 people who received consultations from a doctor.

The cruise ship has taken steps like intensive sanitary procedures to minimise the risk of any further issues. Ovation of the Seas have closed some restaurants and finger foods are no longer available for passengers. They have also notified the Tasmanian Health Service of the outbreak and are together to serve each other. With the cruise ship’s medical teams, medical surveillance systems and outbreak control measures, the local authorities feel that the passengers are well taken care of.

Where to next?

The ship is due to leave Tasmania on Tuesday afternoon and arrive in Sydney on Thursday.

What can you learn about how the Ovation of the Seas manages the food poisoning outbreak? What methods can the liner have applied to prevent the outbreak in the first place?

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