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Wanted: Food Poisoning Culprits – #3

We have finally reached the food poisoning podium! Now to reveal the winner of the bronze medal in the race to find the most dangerous food is…

#3 Food Poisoning Culprit – Eggs

Eggs are very nutritious and they are also delicious! Not only that, but they are versatile too – poached, scrambled, fried…YUM! Unfortunately they are also one of the most dangerous food to eat that can cause us to be sick. Salmonella is a common bacteria that inhabits the shell of eggs and sometimes it can get onto the egg itself.

If you want to avoid getting the bad bacteria on eggs into your system, here are a few simple tips to help you not get sick.

  1. Avoid cracked and dirty eggs – the bacteria on the shell can easily get into the egg if it is cracked. Before buying, check the carton to see if eggs are clean and not cracked. And if they do break on the way home, throw it away!

  2. Cook eggs until they are fully cooked – it is a ‘hip’ thing to eat your eggs slightly raw, especially in open sandwiches with your homemade mayonnaise. But for the sake of your health, please thoroughly cook your egg.

  3. Vulnerable people need to be especially careful of eggs – pregnant women, elderly and people with weak immune systems fall into this category

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