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Celebrity Chefs Lack Food Safety Skills


Food safety gets undermined by the self-made critiques on blogs, Facebook and Instagram. All they care about is the aesthetics of the dish and the prestige that comes with the celebrity chef-owned restaurant. With Heston Blumenthal’s notorious Fat Duck restaurant coming to the Australian’s shore soon, how should food safety be considered?

For those that do not know, the Fat Duck is an award-winning restaurant in England. Due to renovations, it will be relocated to the Crown Casino in Melbourne for six months. As expected, Melbourne has exploded in frenzy and many hundreds have already placed a reservation on the restaurant during its half-year stay.

However, people seem to forget that Blumenthal’s restaurant went through a huge food safety scandal in 2009. 529 (including the staff) became victim to a norovirus that was caused by the contaminated shellfish, including oysters that were served raw and razor clams that may not have been appropriately handled or cooked.

Heston was not the first celebrity to fall under fire this year. Jamie Oliver’s butcher shop, Barbecoa was forced to shut down as a result of bad food safety habits at the popular deli.

Play it safe with food safety!

As a consumer, it might be less cool but if you value your health, you might be better off NOT attending these fancy restaurants. Of course, they would have considered correcting their wrongs but one may never be too careful!

For the restraint owners out there, these reports should keep you on your toes! If revered chefs can make mistakes life this, anyone can. Furthermore, the detrimental effects on the company brand! Customers will lose faith and though the scandal may blow over, the critiques will always remember.

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