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Food Safety Can Be Improved Through Microbiology

food safety

New Zealand’s Lincoln University is joining the fight for national and international food safety issues. They are beginning a new microbiology short course that will help the industry. Through 16-18 June, the university opened its doors for delegates to see the Centre For Food Research and Innovation (CFRI), which held a three day course that taught the attendees the basics of food safety.

The course explored the different types of microorganisms that can be found in food and what key factors can control it. It also explored isolation and enumeration of microorganisms from food, inhibition and destruction of microorganisms, food poisoning, food spoilage, growth media, and the maintenance and correct use of equipment in the laboratory.

Attendees included food processing managers and technicians, public health professionals, food service professionals with technical backgrounds, and practicing microbiologists. It is also a good starting block for those people who are seeking to enter the food testing and food safety sector. With such a diverse amount of attendees, there is a high demand for this course. CFRI Associate Director and Senior Lecturer in Food Microbiology, Dr. Malik Hussain says that the university will continue this short course and will also develop and run a series of intermediate and advanced level food microbiological courses.

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