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Food Safety Meeting Held Between China and Japan

food safety

Over the course of this month, China and Japan will be preparing for their work-level meetings over the recent food safety scandals. The main concern that will be discussed is, of course, the expired chicken meat used in a Chinese factory that was discovered a few weeks ago.

The meeting will also be a testing ground for the two countries in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum summit held in Beijing in November later in the year. It has been nearly two years since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping have had a meeting due to their countries debate over territories and their own perception of history.

The meeting this month is the result of Beijing accepting a proposal from Tokyo to hold a food safety meeting. The premise was for China to sort out with Japan their food safety issues so that Japan can once again have confidence in the Chinese products.

China will be the host of this meeting and this will add to the Japanese government’s knowledge in the way that meat in the Chinese company is imported into Japan and to discuss preventive steps.

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