Food Safety Rules Tightens in Markets

In America,food safety regulations are on the increase for food markets. The Athens Food Market vendors were informed by the Health Department on Thursday that they will have to begin complying to the updated requirements made by the the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.

The code will change the way that vendors will do business. Especially for those that sell ready to eat food. For example, food like quiche and pizza will be required to be kept at a regulated temperature with heating or cooling units. The vendors that will feel the Code affect their business the most is the bakers and purveyors of ready made food. Seeking out generators for the new heating or cooling units will affect the way they use their money. Some of the vendor owners at the Athens Food Market has been forced to close their business because of these new restrictions.

Jack Pepper, environmental health director at the City-County Health Department, said the reason for the distinction in these foods involves a relationship between its internal PH and moisture content. Preparing or processing these foods in any way without the proper processing facility, method of storage, or without being kept at the proper temperature levels all can result in the possible growth of microbes in the food.

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