Future of Food Safety, Robots?

Food safety

As the world moves forward in technology, the same is happening in food safety. Most of us grew up with science fiction movies, like Blade Runner, Star Wars and the cartoon, the Jetsons. In some of these sci-fi worlds, restaurants had their food served by robots. This one fictional concept might become a reality soon.

With increased pressure to increase employee wages, this has prompted owners to rethink their business model. As the pressure builds, some employers have began considering that less is more when it comes to staffing and plan to completely automate fast food restaurants. Ideally, these futuristic restaurants will have customers order their food at a virtual touchscreen interface. The order then gets sent to the kitchen, where more robots will prepare, assemble and bag the goods, ready for the consumer to eat.

Positives of this new direction is that the consumers order will always be correct. The robots will also be able to deliver the product efficiently and with less human contact, contamination of food will decrease since they do not carry skin bacteria. Robots also will not sneeze on your food. What a comfort that will be!

However, even this world has a few problems. Robots do not know when they are clean and this inability might affect the bacteria on their metal claws. Human workers will need to be very diligent in cleaning the robots to maintain a good standard for food safety.

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