Exclusive photo from The Guardian.

The Guardian’s View on Food Safety Breaches

Exclusive photo from The Guardian.

Exclusive photo from The Guardian.

Popular international news company, The Guardian, recently released an article on their website regarding food safety. After releasing the above exclusive photo, the article discusses the issue of cost-cutting in various abattoirs around the UK and how that has affected the levels of hygiene, which prompts action from the Food Safety Agency.

The Guardian’s photos that was released after their investigation into the chicken-processing business highlights the horrors of cheap food. From their research, two out of the three factories had their raw chicken carcasses contained the bacterium camplyobacter. This bacterium is the cause of authority of the 285,000 cases of food poisoning bug cases. 4% of these victims were hospitalised and a few of them became fatally ill.

The problem at these abattoirs are preventable. However, to the consumers, this part of the process is not seen. As a result, abattoirs continue in this cheaper manner to continue their cost-saving corner-cutting methods.

Ideally, in this scenario, the Food Safety Agency should interfere with this horrendous process. As the policing authority over producers, its job is to protect consumers. It should also have excellent knowledge of the food industry. However, this is evidently not the case. Six out of the ten board members come from a food or farming industry background. It is a bit of worry to see that not everyone on the board of the Food Safety Agency has the right experience…

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