food safety

Immediate Action for Food Safety

food safety

Food safety is an issue constantly discussed by the general public. Issues like whether sugar is worse than fat? Or are our bodies being controlled by the multinational fast food chains, which are causing huge calorie problems? However we need to put these questions aside as we begin to ask the food safety questions that our demand immediate attention.

Around the United States, chicken that was processed in a factory infested with cockroaches has caused 500 people to fall ill from salmonella. In another case, over 900,000 kilograms of ground beef was tainted by a very dangerous E. coli strain (one so dangerous, it is banned from sale) and was shipped to restaurants all over America. One can only think of the consequences; many have fallen ill.

Some immediate actions you can take to make your home kitchen a safer place for your food are;

  • washing the reusable grocery bags in the washing machine

  • cleaning your food with ‘irradiation’

  • seeking out more reliable suppliers

For bigger changes, one must be more vocal about their concerns to the government. There have been some changes in the United States, but what about in our land down under? The issue has been in the background for a while (with other issues taking the front) but after some food safety controversies recently, it will be the public’s voice that will make the government take food safety more seriously.

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