Oh the irony! Food poisoning at the Food Safety Summit in the United States.

In America, a Food Safety Summit is held every year. This year, it was held in Baltimore, Maryland. However, certain circumstances made this summit an unforgettable year. Through the art of irony, an investigation was taken place to discover the reason for 100 attendees getting sick. And the greatest suspect? Food poisoning.

The complaints of diarrhea came to the Maryland Department of Health a week after the completion of the Summit. This prompted the Baltimore City Health Department to begin an inspection on CentrePlate, the catering service that catered for the Food Safety Summit. From that investigation, a violation was issued at the discover of a faulty ice machine.

The ironic (yet slightly humorous) event during the Food Safety Summit has prompted a more serious approach to the food safety regulations in the United States. From the research conducted by Food Inc. has shown a huge drop in food inspections since 2008. In 1972. 50000 food safety inspections were undertaken as opposed to the mere 9164 taken in 2006.

If you want more information on this event, you can go to the Food Safety Summit Expo and Conference website.

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