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Poisoned Food No Longer A Fairy-Tale


Deliberately poisoned food seems like a thing of fairy tales. Snow White’s poisoned apples is a trademark example. But recently in Western Australia, fairy tales seem to be coming alive!

A worker at Roy Hill site in the Pilbara reported to the catering staff of some ‘off’ fruit. He noticed that the piece of fruit not only tasted bad but was also discoloured. The catering staff immediately called the police. After the fruit was sent to the labs for testing, it was confirmed that the fruit had been in fact laced with a dangerous chemical.

With detectives now at work, the police have not released much more information. The police are still uncertain of the poisoner’s intent – was there a specific target that they were aiming for and was it out of a sinister motive?

Future of Poisoned Food Case

There is now heightened security around the work site, this will hopefully prevent any other new chemicals to be introduced to the food being consumed by the workers. As the police continue to work on this case, the 2000 people that work there will be provided with a fresh batch of food.

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