Poultry Food Safety Certificates Are High In Demand


Poultry food safety is something that can be overlooked by people. But now, there has been a cry by Australians for Certificate III in Agriculture (poultry) course. This particular course helps an individual understand hen welfare food safety and other important elements of egg farming.

The Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL) held a special ceremony for the Poultry student of the year, who studied this course. The AECL Managing Director James Kellaway said that it is an encouragement to see the course become something that is high in demand. Many egg farmers want to improve their skills so that others can benefit.

The degree is taught by specialist trainers and industry experts over the course of a year and are developed from registered VET qualifications and competency units that are selected to meet industry needs. With their wisdom and insight, students can take the knowledge and practically apply it to their egg farms.

Why is poultry food safety – especially in egg farming – important to us?

Eggs are found in a lot of things that we eat. Besides eating it as just eggs, it is an ingredient in a lot of items. Cakes and mayonnaise are just some of the examples of products that have egg in it. If eggs are unhealthy, it could affect the product and cause illness to those that consume it. So indeed, poultry food safety is vital!

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