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Queensland Pushes Blame For Food Safety Standards

food safety

One of the states around our beloved sun-burnt country has (yet again) dodged responsibility on improving the process of food safety, saying that it is a matter for local governments. Queensland Health claims that rating various restaurants based on their food safety levels should be taken care by the local governments.

This situation was brought to light after Brisbane’s food safety inspectors found cockroaches, rat dropping and salmonella in some of the most popular restaurants around the city. Some of the top franchises and well-known restaurants were fined with the hefty fines totaling to $600,000 for dodgy hygiene and health practices during the 2013-14 financial year.

There were more than 30 restaurants and cafes that were fined. This was all part of the works of Brisbane’s council’s EatSafe program. However, the major cities and tourist destinations throughout Queensland are hiding the details about restaurants that have been repeatedly avoiding prosecution on bad hygiene practices. Some offenses include insects crawling through the kitchen. Pressure is now for Brisbane council to name and shame the different companies.

Though the city councils are proactively looking for offenders, the state department refuses to take any responsibility. From my point of view, it is a bit ironic. The state should take on more action to fight against the food safety breaches. Or at least, HELP the improvement of the Queen

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