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Records Falsified To Hide Food Poisoning Death


In 2012, Della Callagher died two days after consuming a pub meal at The Railway Hotel from food poisoning and from authorities investigation, they discover that the manager and head chef lied about their food records. Ms Callagher may be the only fatality but there were many others that were affected by the food prepared at the hotel; there were at least thirty-two others ill.

The investigation over this case has taken over a year by the Havering Council. From their search, they concluded that the food poisoning was caused by the turkey either was undercooked or not reheated properly. The chef and manager failed to record details of when they heated and cooled the meat. So last Tuesday, at the court hearing, the two were found guilty on perverting justice. They also admitted to serving customers food that as unfit for human consumption.

How do we prevent future food poisoning cover-ups?

Though I like to think the best of people, this particular situation leaves me unfortunately doubtful. However, there are ways to avoid human error. Devices such as temperature loggers can help record precise details. If you are looking to purchase one, click on our website ( to find out more.

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