taiwan food safety

Taipei Food Safety Scandal: Tainted Oil

taiwan food safety

Citizens have resorted to eating buffet meals at major hotels after the most recent Taipei food safety scandal. Since many Taiwanese consumers have their faith in the methods hotels adopt in preparing their food, they are willing to spend that extra money to keep themselves safe from the threat posed by other restaurant.

On Thursday, the 4th of September 2014, one of Taiwan’s leading food producers, Chuan Food Corp., announced a recall of 12 of their products after they admitted to using recycled waste oil in their manufacturing process. With this unprecedented announcement, Taiwanese authorities began a large scale investigation on the local food industry. The Food and Drug Administration say at least 235 food companies and restaurants within the country borders have been using questionable lard based oil created from recycled kitchen waste.

This tainted oil is supplied in Chang Guann Co, a well established company purchased the recycled oil and mixed it with lard before selling the material to food manufacturers and restaurants.

As expected, the populace is outraged by this news. Like China, Taiwan has suffered a few food sacres in the last two years, another load of bad news does not sit well in the stomach.

With so many scandals occurring, hotel based restaurants have seen an influx of customers. Since the Taiwanese have faith in the products provided by the hotels, they are exempt from the oil controversy at hand.

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