Caffeine; Not The Get-Me-Up We Thought…


One of the many things Australia is notorious for is our love for caffeine. But after some studies conducted by European food safety experts, we might need to take a step back from our beloved caffeine in the form of coffee. The results showed that five espresso’s worth of caffeine a day can damage your health.

A single dose of caffeine that contains up to 200mg like the amount you can find in tea, coffee,chocolate and energy drinks are the safe levels that should be consumed by adults. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) equates this to 3mg per kilogram of body weight from various food and drink sources in an adults daily intake.

However, a 60ml espresso short provides 80mg of caffeine while a 200ml cup of filter coffee has 90mg. That is opposed to the 80mg of caffeine in a 250ml standard can of “energy drink”, 40mg in a 355ml can of cola, 25mg in a 50g bar of plain chocolate and 10mg in a 50g bar of milk chocolate. 5 times 80g…you do the maths.

Adults who take too much caffeine can suffer anxiety and problems sleeping while children, who may show the same symptoms, might also show a difference in behaviour. Furthermore, the EFSA said that up to 400mg a day from various food and drink should have no health consequences for healthy adults.

Does this make you consider your coffee consumption habits? Not only coffee but even energy drinks, do you have to reconsider the amount you consume?

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