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High Australian Powdered Milk Sales

Australian diary products are very popular internationally, but now even our powdered milk have made crazy sales record. Powdered milk has become so popular that producers have been making more due to the high demand from consumers!

This phenomenon stems from the international trust that consumers have of Australian products. They believe Australian products are clean, green and we have a fantastic food safety reputation and history. They trust in the Aussie products more than they do their local industry.

The main source of demand for the high demand for powdered milk comes from China. After the baby milk food scandal some years back (click here for more information), many Chinese prefer to buy overseas powdered milk. The situation is so out of hand that the Chinese airport has to make announcements in the airport that every passenger can only have two cans of baby formula!

How lucky we are to be in a country with such high food safety standards?! Knowing this, most of us get food products that are manufactured in China.

Do you need to review your supply of food in your food business? Or review what goes into the trolley on your grocery trips.

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