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Portioning Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has become a major trend in society nowadays – with celebrities campaigning for healthier lifestyles and a healthier way of eating, it is no wonder the world has their eyes (and stomachs) focused on how much they eat. However the common mentality of “eating less” is the wrong move to make.

It is easy to find lists of 300-500 calorie meals (these are emphasised as ‘healthy dinners’) in the frozen meal aisle in the supermarket. Do not get sucked in to that trap! Even if the frozen pasta meal of only 260 calories look delicious and filling, after the meal, you will be clawing through your pantry to make up for the lost calories!

Proper Healthy Eating

Each person is different: there is no one way to keep healthy! Surveys show that plenty of normal-weight people restrict what they eat and believe they are overweight when they are not. This sets them onto the path of failure — they are giving themselves a too-small calorie goal when they would do better with a larger goal or with a focus on healthy eating patterns instead of numbers.

Do you need to reconsider your understanding of healthy portioning?

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