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Social Media Hits Food Brands


With the advancements in technology, social media has become a strong place for unhappy customers to voice their opinions over their unsatisfactory products. Places like Facebook and Twitter are places where users have vented over their products and where the producers have had a chance to reply and defend themselves.

Recently there have been a few of these scenarios. One case was with Cadbury’s new Crème Egg recipe. The changes made the ‘Twitter-sphere’ explode! Many of their consumers were outraged by what they saw as a perfectly good treat. One Twitter user said “I unreservedly condemn the crime against confection that the Crème egg” whilst using the hashtag #cremeegggate to unite all their complaints.

Another confectionary scandal was in regards to Allen’s infamous Killer Pythons. After considering the new health laws, Allen’s decided to reduce the size of the massive lolly snake. But consumers went wild and wanted the original 47-gram python to return to its former glory. The hashtag #TreatSizePython was used in tweets and a Facebook user posted “Halving the size!! No longer a Killer Python, now just a Snake… Don’t start thinking about our health, you’re a lolly company, we eat them for treats, please leave them as they are!!”

The Social Media Opinion

As you can imagine, many producers can find these posts and comments rather frustrating. Especially in these cases; where they had the health and the wellbeing of their customers in mind! There is no way to please everyone because I am sure many are happy with these changes. The use of social media (in these situations) is causing a bad rep for their products. However, with general discussion across the World Wide Web, it also can help their brand get out and possible improve sales. Who knows?

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