The Unhealthy Cereal Option


A recent research into Australian cereal companies has shocked many consumers. It turns out four out of 10 of some of the most popular children’s cereals contain more than 30% sugar. The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) looked into the sugar and salt content in the cereal of 20 beloved household brands.

After the results came in, the OPC is now encouraging companies to use the voluntary Health Star Rating system as a guideline. This system uses a star rating out of five and it provides the consumers with an at-a-glance information about a product’s nutrition.

To the shock of most parents, Nutri-Grain was amongst the highest sugar content out of the 10 children’s cereals analysed. To set the scene, every three mouthfuls of Nutri-Grain, one is just sugar, while a small bowl contains double the amount of sodium as a small packet of chips.

Concerning Children’s Cereal

This prompted OPC to look more into the cereals aimed at children. Cereals like Coco Pops, Froot Loops and Frosties were also more than one-third sugar. The brands mentioned all fall under the Kellogg’s brands and do not feature health star ratings on their packaging, a system that could give consumers a clearer picture of what they’re eating.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson announced that the company is committed to helping consumers make informed choices and is closely looking at health star ratings.

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