Trans-Fat Ban, Australia Says Yes


Trans-fat has been playing a big topic for discussion in many countries governments. The United States recently announced that they will be tracking more carefully on how trans-fat are used in their market. But how does Australia fair in the battle?

What exactly is trans-fat?

With the word ‘fat’ in it, you must know it can not be good. This term is used to describe a particular sort of bad fat that increases ‘bad’ cholesterol levels while reducing the ‘good’ cholesterol in your body. This can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Created by treating vegetable oils with hydrogen, trans-fat is used in its liquid form to hold in solid form food at room temperature. Think of the fat on doughnuts, biscuits and cakes.

The Aussie Trans-Fat Issue

Australia is well ahead of this game on a global scale. The World Health Organisation recommends 1% energy from trans-fat, most Australians obtain just 0.6%! This came to be with the help of health organisations such as the PHAA, the Heart Foundation, the Australian Medical Association and Choice.

What now?

Even though Australia is doing well in the issue trans-fat, we as consumers still need to be on the lookout! Do you need to continue to regulate what you eat to remove trans-fat from your diet?

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