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Video: 7 Best Practices to Improve Food Safety Culture


It is important to develop a good food safety culture in your workplace. You do not want your products causing discomfort to your customers and nor do you want angry customers suing you for their foodborne illness! Currently, there is a weak food safety culture and many in the food industry that it has become one of the biggest risks. This week’s web seminar will share 7 different ways you can improve the food safety culture in your workplace.

A Summary: 7  Best Practices to Improve Food Safety Culture

Food safety culture is being called an emerging risk in the food industry. Progress in the food safety arena has traditionally been led by research in the natural sciences – a comfortable field for most food safety and quality assurance professionals – but a food safety culture doesn’t grow in a lab. What is a culture of food safety? What influences it? How can it be measured? What are the challenges and implications related to it? This presentation will provide insight into the science of organizational culture and introduce best practices that could make a positive difference to a food safety culture.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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