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Video: Food Safety Live 2015

Two months ago, a food safety was taken the place. The International Food Safety & Quality Network (IFSQN) held a debate over various food safety issues and discussed the various issues that are currently affecting the global food industry. Issues discussed ranges from certifications to methods and attitudes that should be adopted in your food orientated workplace. IFSQN is the network that w use to share all the great web seminars you have been getting for the past half year worth of Mondays, so you know the content is completely trustworthy!

Summary for Food Safety Live 2015

The IFSQN Annual Conference. This webinar features live debates on the challenges faced by businesses and food safety professionals operating in the global food industry.

HACCP 2020 – a 5 year modernization plan
How to win commitment and influence behavior
How to get off the non-conformance merry-go-round
GFSI Certification…is it really worth it?


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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