The Crazed Organic Illusion

The organic fad has risen to new heights over the past few years. Many believe that it has health benefits – it s more nutritious, it improves animal welfare and helps the environment. In reality, that is mostly marketing hype.

Research papers show that there is no conclusive evidence that these all-natural foods are healthier for you. Furthermore, a recent study into five-year study conducted in the United States shows that animals on an organic farm are not generally healthier. For example, organic pigs and poultry may enjoy better access to open areas, but this increases their load of parasites, pathogens and predators. Meanwhile, the organic regulation against feeding bee colonies with pollen supplements in low-pollen periods along with regulation against proper disinfection leads to sharply lower bee welfare.

In terms of crops, indeed organic farming is better for the environment – it emits fewer greenhouse gasses, nitrous oxide and ammonia and causes less nitrogen leeching than a conventional field. But it also produces fewer crops which means that a farmer will need more land – 84% more on in fact. Pesticides are also used in organic farming, the main difference is the type of pesticide used.

Has this changed your mind on these all-natural foods? What will you consume from now on?

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