Airplane Food Incidents

Many of us have caught an airplane before, whether it is a domestic or international flight. Here are some interesting food safety facts in regards to your travels in the sky.

Airplane Food Goes Up In Smoke

It was about time for the plane to take off when Qantas staff discovered the food was on fire! The crew rushed to the fire extinguishers to put out the flames. What caused the fire? The oven that the food was kept in.

This has occurred over the past few weeks and now staff and unions have demanded Qantas remove the affected boxes from service. The Flight Attendants Association of Australia (FAAA) and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority have both urged Qantas to act and solve the issue.

Gastro: The Biggest Threat To Pilots

A survey shows that tummy issues and people pointing lasers into cockpits are the main reasons why Australian pilots become incapacitated during flights. 23 pilots are incapacitated on average over a year and the main cause was gastro.

If this happens to be the case, the pilot is removed from duty. This does not effect multi-pilot crews. Moving on, it is advised that pilots that work in teams should eat different meals prior and during the flight to avoid the whole team becoming sick.

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