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Australia Food Poisoning Update

There have a been a few food poisoning stories floating around Australia. Here is a quick rundown on some of these stories.

Rockmelon Food Poisoning Confirmed

Last Friday, we reported on the rumour that there might be a food poison scare with rockmelons (click here to read more about that story). And now, we are sad to report these rumours are actually indeed facts. Red Dirt rockmelons from the Northern Territory are tested positive for salmonella. There are at least 97 people who have been reported to be sick and most of them have to be reported from New South Wales.

Despite all this bad news, the Australian Melon Association said the outbreak had now been contained. All rockmelons that were from the affected farm have been removed from supermarket and greengrocer shelves nationwide. Until the farm can find the issue alongside the Northern Territory Health Department, they will not resupply any melons.

Adelaide Hotel Leaves 32 People Food Poisoned

The InterContinental Hotel at Adelaide has caused 32 people to become ill. Out of that, 12 people are hospitalised. This was caused by a salmonella outbreak. This food pathogen was spread after patrons ate the hotel’s popular spread of scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon on July the 31st. The cause of the outbreak is yet to be determined.

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