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Dangerous Foods Sold In Aussie Supermarkets

A recent investigation has found that dangerous foods are being sold around some Melbourne grocers. It was discovered that a large number of heavy metals, carcinogenic insecticides and arsenic chemicals has been found in foods being imported into Australia. Not only that, they are being stocked on the shelves of various ethnic grocery stores.

The products that fell into the dangerous category ranged from anything from basmati rice, Indian spices, infant cereal and even Ghee. After receiving tips from listeners of the SBS Radio’s Punjabi program, the National Association of Testing Authorities for thousands of samples of foods that cause concern. 18 products from those tested came back with disconcerting results.

The Dangerous Foods In Question

  1. Kohinoor brand basmati rice found to contain Buprofezin, an insecticide banned in Australia.

  2. Indian spice brand MDH found to contain pesticides above the accepted Australian limit.

  3. Banned substance Betel Nut readily available for sale in Australia

  4. In addition to products that failed to meet FSANZ standards, at least four other products could be considered unsafe due to the levels of copper and lead:

  5. Cerelac — a baby cereal produced by Nestlé (only the strain that is produced in factories in Moga, India).

  6. Complan — a powdered milk drink for growing children manufactured by Heinz in India

  7. Indus basmati — a rice from Pakistan

  8. Verka Ghee — a clarified butter widely used by South Asians in their daily cooking

Are there any other products you are concerned about? Do you need to raise the issue up with authorities — take the matter into your own hands?

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