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Hidden Ingredients You Wish You Were Ignorant Of

Many Australians were stunned by the report of hidden ingredients – harmful ingredients – that were reported in the latest Four Corners episode on the ABC. The main focus was on salmon, but we found some other foods that should receive some special mention too.

Salmon, of course, will be the main feature of this post. However, we added to other food groups. This will let you see how easy it can to find hidden ingredients in your everyday food. 


Many salmon farmers feed their salmon with a specially made feed. This feed is normally made out of fish meal, fish oil, land animal ingredients such as blood meal, and vegetable ingredients such as grain. However, it forgets to mention that it also contains a synthetic version of astaxanthin, which gives salmon flesh its bright orange colour. The reason being is because this is technically a minor additive that has been approved by authorities. Seems all a little fishy to me…


Most people know that antibiotics are used around chicken farms to prevent chickens in Australian farms from getting sick. The industry insists that the chicken is safe to eat. We have very clear labelling for this – if birds are treated with antibiotics they can no longer be sold as free-range or organic.

Bread, Chips and Milk Powder

Additives such as preservatives, thickening agents or to provide bread, chips and milk powder with a certain colour or texture. Some are safe to consume but many are considered “dangerous” and banned in other countries. There are many additives here that fall into this category, such as butylated hydroxytoluene, an antioxidant, to be carcinogenic.

Does this cause you to worry about the direction of food labelling? Are there parts that need to be revised in Australia?

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