The Truth Of Australian Seafood


Seafood is a staple for many Australians. It is what we have at cocktail parties and at social gatherings. But is the seafood we are consuming truly Aussie? SBS seeks to find the answers.

In one of their recent documentary series, famous Australian chef Matthew Evans demands answers. He started with the meat industry in Australia. He put the industry under a microscope and examined the process it took to deliver the meats we eat every day. His newest series is called What’s the Catch? and takes a similar format at his previous series. This time, the focus is on the seafood industry, especially looking into the fish markets of salmon, tuna, shark and prawns.

Shark may seem like a far-fetched idea – a rather exotic notion in fact. However, as you look more into it, the truth is quite different. Shark is commonly called ‘flake’ and it may not be on everybody’s grocery list but many who have ordered battered fish and chips will undoubtedly have eaten it. It turns out that although most flake is made of gummy or rig shark, until two years ago. That was when 100 different species of shark was served, including some that were marked as endangered.

This is only one of the many facts that have surfaced in this documentary, what more can we find out?

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