Video: Compressor Contamination and How It Occurs


One of the main ways that contamination can occur in our food is during the preparation process. For many food manufacturers, the easiest way for bacteria to fester in your factory is in the compressors. The places that can be contaminated include, intake air, compressors, piping and the storage receivers. These places can be contaminated with bacteria by the water, air, oil and sometimes even gases. Watch this web seminar to help prevent protect your compressors and prevent them from being contaminated.

A Summary of Web Seminar: Compressor Contamination and How It Occurs

Compressor contamination can occur for many different reasons. This video discusses compressor contamination and how it can occur. Manufacturers of food and much more will find many useful tips for avoiding contamination in this lesson.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety 

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