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Video: Effective Food Safety Management System Auditing

Food safety management is a key part of any food business. It not only protects from your customers from getting sick from dangerous food pathogens but it also maintains the trust between the consumer and the business. The week’s web seminar looks into the most effective ways of keeping an effective food safety audit.

Summary for Web Seminar Effective Food Safety Management System Auditing

Some of the most notorious food safety tragedies happened at sites that had been audited by internal and external auditors. When we read the investigative reports and are exposed to some of the non-conformities found to have led to these incidents, we can’t help but ask ourselves, how could these violations have gone unnoticed by the auditors? Food safety auditing is a trade that must be mastered. It involves skills beyond those required for performing an inspection, and the differences between inspecting and auditing must be clear in order for the audit to be more than a glorified inspection. This lecture will shed light on some of the key elements required to perform an effective food safety audit and can be beneficial for auditors and auditees alike.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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