Video: Extending the shelf life of cheeses

Cheeses are one of the foods that many people love…and hate. They love the taste and the richness of flavour. They hate it because it hard to know if it has gone off or not. But after watching this video, you might be able to simply love cheese.

First, we need to understand that different types of cheese have different longevity. Hard cheeses, soft cheeses and blue cheeses are the overarching types but even within those categories, the shelf life will differ. Various factors like processing method and packaging date, its exposure to heat, how the cheese is stored and the best by date or sell by date affects the way one should take care of their cheese.

One main factor that affects the life of cheese is the moisture in the cheese type. The different levels of moisture can introduce bacteria which can cause it to go off. Generally, the harder the cheese the longer it keeps if stored properly. But like most dairy products, cheeses will have a “sell by date” or a “best by date” which are simply the last date by which a manufacturer will vouch for a product’s quality, not its safety. Because of this distinction, you may safely use cheese to compliment your favourite meals even after a “best by date” has lapsed.

A Quick Summary of Video: Extending the shelf life of cheeses

Big Poppa’s head chef, Liam O’Driscoll shares tips on how to get the most from your cheese selection.

Find the video below:

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