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Video: Food Safety Culture – what does it mean?

When we discuss food safety culture what does it really mean? This web seminar will discuss how past food safety failures have affected the future steps in food safety. It will look at especially how it affects food businesses and what the food safety culture should look like in that sort of establishment.

Summary of The Web Seminar, Food Safety Culture Рwhat does it mean?

The main issue exercising GFSI and the GFSI benchmarked schemes presently is management commitment and how management influences the presence or lack of a food safety culture within a food business. Investigating some of the recent ‘failures’ of food safety certified businesses recently leads to the conclusion that most failed due to lack of management commitment — playing lip service to the standard — focusing on the need for a certificate to capture a market rather than what the certificate represents. This session will debate this issue and seek some potential solutions.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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