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Video: How ISO 9001:2015 can improve your food safety management


With a new food safety management coming in place soon, the web seminar looks into how the updated version, the ISO 9001:2015 is different from the first system and how to make the most out of the changes!

A Summary of Web Seminar: How ISO 9001:2015 can improve your food safety management

Many establishments operating throughout the food supply chain are certified to ISO 9001 and the majority of these are co-certified to any one of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) schemes available. In September 2015 ISO published the latest revision of ISO 9001, Requirements for Quality Management Systems. Transition to this new version will gradually take place until September 2018. The new version of 9001 represents a fresh approach to managing quality and can be integrated with the organization’s FSMS more effectively. In this lecture, we will learn the major changes in the Standard and ways to take advantage of them for the benefit of improving the FSMS.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety 

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