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Did The FDA Get Food Safety Wrong?

Many in the food business look to their national food safety organisation for direction. They would abide by the laws that they place in order to ensure safe products for consumers. But recently in the United States of America, the administration there has been facing some backlash.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been challenged by various consumer, health and food safety groups. They claim that a certain law set out by the FDA undermines the integrity of the system. The particular law in question is in regards to chemicals.

The Food Safety Law In Question

Chemicals are used in processed food to enhance flavour, add nutrients and prolong the food in question. But these chemicals can get attached to the food processing equipment and packaging. Despite this food safety hazard, the FDA has given plenty of room for business do as they please. They can add whatever chemicals they want into the food and these associations believe this rule is unconstitutional and illegal.

Currently there is a lawsuit filed against the FDA for not laying firm grounds on the use of chemicals. Although the freedom of the use of chemicals is based on the ‘safe’ ones marked by the FDA, the freedom still makes many feel unsafe.

So is this a wrong move by the FDA? One can assume there is foresight in the rules made by FDA previously. So it may not be a wrong decision, but more a slight miscalculation.

How do you think the ruling will go? What is your stance on the use of chemicals?

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