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Lunch Box Warning from Preschool

It very important that students have a good lunch box to keep up their strength. Since school has started for about a week, good food is important to help sustain a kid’s energy. A South Australian mum got a warning about some debatable food that got packed.

The mother in South Australia sent one of her young children to preschool with a homemade slice of chocolate cake. But when she picked up her child, she was stunned to find that her child’s teacher left a note. A note that advised her to re-evaluate her food options.

Lunch Box Morals

Many uphold the popular health guideline. Green is the best, and red food — which includes cakes, confectionery, fats and soft drink — is not recommended. Some think that the letter sent by the school step is going over the boundaries.

What is your opinion? Should schools have that much power over a child’s diet? Or should parents have the ability to choose what their kids eat?

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