Does The Microwave Really Kill All The Bacteria In Our Food?

The microwave is one of the most misunderstood items in the kitchen. There are many that shun the device, saying it is dangerous due to the amount of radiation. But the main misconception that we are concerned about is that some believe heating for long duration is unnecessary.

There are some people who believe that when one reheats their old food with a microwave, they do not need to heat it properly. Why? Because the radiation will kill of anything dangerous. However, this is a very wrong way to go about it. Since this belief can lead to food poisoning.

The misunderstanding that needs to be corrected here is that radiation does not kill the bacteria. It is the heat that kills the bacteria that may be in the food. Not only is a small amount of time unhealthy, but microwaves do not heat food evenly. They are notorious for doing so! Experts actually recommend using food thermometers and checking various spots on the food when using a microwave, in order to ensure you avoid any food poisoning issues.

The Microwave Truth

Microwaves are perfectly safe in terms of radiation, but they are also not a magic box that will destroy all bacteria.

Do you need to reconsider the way you use microwaves? How can you make reheating your food safer?

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