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Video – Basic Food Safety: Chapter 1 “The Importance of Food Safety”

Need a reminder of why food safety is so important to a restaurant? This is the perfect video for you. By giving us staggering statistics from the United States of America, it will highlight why we need to be very careful about standards for safety in food. Join us in the first part of this six-episode series.

Video Summary of Basic Food Safety: Chapter 1 “The Importance of Food Safety”

In this video, you’ll find out how many Americans are affected by foodborne illness nationwide. We’ll meet an Environmental Health Inspector and discuss how cleanliness is a key factor in his work. Every kitchen requires a person-in-charge, and we will introduce a PIC to talk their responsibilities. Then we will focus on “Who is at Risk” – where we learn which segments of the population are most at risk for foodborne illness or injury, and how you can help keep them safe.

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