Does Wearing Gloves Make For Safer Food Production?

Many believe that wearing gloves will keep high standards in food safety. The bacteria on one’s hand remains within the glove and no new bacteria will be introduced on the glove. But, just in typing those words … I already feel something is slightly off.

But not all people get the same feels as I had. Some customers even request that their food at a restaurant to be prepared with gloves! But the truth is gloves are not that useful at all. They are only as safe as the hygiene habits that the user adopts.

Debunking the Gloves Myth

There are certain situations that make them very useful. In the scenario where a chef cuts their hands accidentally, gloves can prevent the cut from infecting the food. It also can prevent any more cuts on the chef. But it most situations, chefs dislike the use of the plastic strait jacket because it makes it harder to properly feel the food and do their job.

Also, gloves can be a bad idea for food safety because it leads to a false sense of security. Chefs may think that wearing them make the chef themselves invincible – it does not. It has been reported that chefs have been caught scratching various parts of their body, and not immediately washing their hands and switching gloves afterwards – the only safe thing to do afterwards, otherwise the plastic slip on their hands are pointless. Wearing a glove can be a useful tool, but it is only helpful if the person is conscientious about safety in the first place.

Has this changed your perception of glove use? Do you know the proper technique of using gloves for food safety? What food safety practices do you need to adopt in your food preparation process? 

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