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7 Little Tweaks That’ll Transform Your Shopping During Covid-19

Shopping during Covid-19 can seem risky. You are walking amongst people who may or may not be sick. You are grabbing trolleys which have been touched by countless shoppers. You are feeling fruits and vegetables that others have picked up. Going to the market has never been more dangerous. So what can you do to avoid catching Covid-19.

The FoodSafety Team have decided to outline some of the ways to avoid catching Covid-19 briefly.


What can you do when out buying groceries?

Keeping a safe distance from other shoppers, ideally, 1.5 meters, is a great way to avoid getting sick. Using a trolley can ensure you have proper space from another person, whether it be in the checkout line or when walking around. Even if someone looks healthy, it is best to keep a safe space.

Shoppers should bring sanitizer and wipes with them when out shopping for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such as trolleys.

Shoppers wearing gloves is also an effective and safe way of handling groceries. But remember, DO NOT touch your face and ensure once you are done with shopping, discard those gloves.

When going to shop for items, go alone. You do not want to spend more time than you should when out purchasing groceries. Avoid having anyone else coming along to shop if you can; it may prevent them from becoming sick.

Touch only the things you will be purchasing. By avoiding other items which you know you will not need, you are minimizing the risk of touching someone else’s germs.

At the end of your shopping, wash your hands immediately.

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What can you do when unpacking your groceries?

Ensure you wash fruits and veggies when you get back home. If you want to go beyond that though, you can rinse or spray your produce with a solution comprised of three parts water and one part vinegar. If you are overly concerned about fruit and veggies, only buy the kind which you can peel and cook.

When ordering Takeaway ensure you stay 6 feet away from the courier when at the door. You can even opt-in to have no contact and write in the comment of the order to ring the bell and leave the order at the door. Once the food is inside the house, discard the carry bag. Wash your hands immediately after doing so.

Don’t cook for others if you are feeling sick. If you are the only person to cook, opt for frozen meals or Takeaway. Do not use hand sanitizer on food when cleaning as it may result in the indigestion of harmful chemicals. Check the use-by-date of produce as you do not want to ingest spoiled food. Eating after the best-before date is safe to do so


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