Round 4: International Food Safety Round Up

It is time for another internation food safety round up. Like most other international round-up posts, we will focus on the food scandals that have rocked nations from across the pond.

Video: Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Food Safety

Rumours spread about food safety like wildfire. We hear things from our mother’s when we were young and now we have random Facebook posts. But where is the truth in all these tales? Are there practices that might cause more

What Coles Product Has Been Recalled Recently?

We all are scared when food gets recalled by the food safety authorities. Yesterday, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) issued a warning for customers. Queensland and New South Wales are the two stares that have been affected by this

What Health Supplement Can Cause Cyanide Poisoning?

In society nowadays, we are encouraged to take health supplements because our diets may not meet the requirements our body needs. There are many claims about what supplements to take and how they can be good for you. But in

The attention grabbing cloth

What can be more important than catching up with a friend at a cafe? It turns out the answer is “watching the waitress wipe down everything with a cloth”. Now what?

Would You Make A Chicken Seizure Salad?

Chicken Seizure Salad … the name itself is probably already giving you a headache. Normally, we are all about keeping food safe. But with irony, the same message can be communicated, to an even greater extent at times!

What Kitchen Gadgets Are Contaminated?

We all know the kitchen can be a very dangerous place. Bacteria can linger anywhere. Even if we wash our hands and kitchen surfaces, bacteria can linger in other places as well. If the bacteria get into food, they can

What Is The Proper Way Of Using A Dishcloth?

The past few days, we have been discussing the issues of using a dishcloth in the kitchen. We found out that dishcloths are not the best items to use in the kitchen (find out what is by clicking here). Also,

Which is dirtier – your bathroom or kitchen?

We all take great pains to make our kitchen clean. From wiping down handles to using disinfectants to scrub away grim on surfaces, we do everything we can keep this place clean. But is the way we clean out the

What Is The Best Cleaning Tool In The Kitchen?

Many of us use a cleaning tool to keep our kitchen nice and fresh. There are many options that we can choose to clean. The most common are the dishcloth, brush or sponge. But which item is the most hygienic?

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