How Goes the Hepatitis A Issue In The United States?

There has been a very severe case of hepatitis A infection spread around the United States. It has now been confirmed that almost 150 people have contracted the virus. The state of Kentucky reported its first death in the outbreak

How Are Pesticides Affecting Wild Bees?

Pesticides are a common thing in a lot farms nowadays. It protects the harvest from pests from infecting the crops and also ensures good-looking final products. However, a recent research in Europe has banned a particular pesticide because it puts

potentially hazardous foods

Protecting your customers from listeria

The news today is reporting a story about two people who have died from listeria infection. Ten people in total have been affected by this outbreak, which has been linked to rockmelons from a farm at Nericon in the Riverina

What Popular Fruit Is Causing A Food Poisoning Outbreak?

A food poisoning outbreak has occurred around Australia. What fruit is involved with this food safety scandal? How severe is the case? And what should we do to prevent it? The fruit involved with this food poisoning outbreak is rockmelon.

What Chocolate Has Recently been Recalled In Australia?

For many people, chocolate is important. It is a stress reliever and just a delicious snack. With Valentine’s Day having just passed, the cocoa goodness and its sales would have gone through the roof! But yesterday, a major Australian chocolate

Video: Think Outside the Box for HACCP Success

We have been talking a lot about HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in recent weeks. HACCP is a system that helps system that identifies where hazards might occur in the food production process. It also puts into place stringent actions

Why is food safety important?

Each year millions of people suffer food poisoning. For many people it will result in illness and discomfort. For some, however, it will have lifelong consequences. Food poisoning can also result in death, particularly for the very young or elderly.

What Foods Are A Huge Lunch Box Risk?

There will be a huge return of packed lunch boxes with school starting again this week. But some of the most popular food that we pack may be classified as higher risk food. What foods do we need to look

Video: Modifying Your HACCP Plan for FSMA Compliance

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a very important process for food production. It controls and identifies identifies where hazards might occur in the food production process and puts into place stringent actions to take to prevent the hazards

Video: Incident Management

Incident management is something that may not come naturally to our minds when we think about food safety. And that is normal. But when the circumstances arise where you may need to consider how to react to an incident. An

Do You Have Food Poisoning Or A Stomach Bug?

Has the new year greeted you with food poisoning or a stomach bug? When our eating habits have gone completely astray from normality in the past two weeks, our stomachs might react badly to it. But are you actually contagious?

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