What are bad hand washing habits?

Hand washing is one of the most basic methods to keep good hygiene. And in the food industry, good hygiene is of utmost importance. But does your business have the proper hand hygiene techniques?


There is a critical difference between “use by” and “best before”, and it is what is happening to the food as it ages.

What Are The 10 Worst Things Found In Fast Food?

Fast food franchises are notorious for having rather bad food safety practices. When I was in high school, many of my friends worked at the local McDonald’s. Some of the stories that they shared were a good laugh back then.

Why Did Noodle Manufacturers Fail Food Safety Inspections?

Recently, the ‘Fresh Noodle Manufacturers Project’ was launched by the New South Wales (NSW) Food Authority. This all began after they were notified that companies were having compliance issues. Hence, the project seeks to improve food safety to prevent risk

Does Wearing Gloves Make For Safer Food Production?

Many believe that wearing gloves will keep high standards in food safety. The bacteria on one’s hand remains within the glove and no new bacteria will be introduced on the glove. But, just in typing those words … I already


How not to do social media “on the fly”

  Businesses are now judged not just on the quality of their product, but also how they handle social media. This is the full article on how The Ranch escalated a quality issue into a full blown media issue because

How Safe Is It To Eat Sushi Or Raw Fish?

The concept of sushi may scare a lot of people. The idea of consuming uncooked fish seems utterly ridiculous and then it is to be laid out on cold rice? Inconceivable! But food safety authorities have made certain that the

Salmonella Bomb Destroys Albury Burger Joint

Imagine something small enough to fit on your hand that could raze your business with the flick of a switch. For The Burger Bar in Albury, that’s exactly what happened back in January, 2010. It destroyed the business, and the

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