Video: Upgrades and Optimizations of Your HACCP Flow Diagrams

Many in the food industry know the importance of implementing HACCP in their business. These Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point  helps control and identify the hazards that might occur in the food production process. It also places stringent actions to

Busted! 10 Food Safety Myths

Wives’ tales run rampant in the world of food safety. But let’s clear the air and bust those that are only hearsay and figure out, once and for all, what is true and what is not. The Food Safety Myths

Did You Know This Baby Wipes Fact?

A lot of young parents use baby wipes as their saving grace. Just with a simple wipe, a kid’s hands will be clean enough for them to eat food! But a research done in the in the United States says

The 13 Most Dangerous Foods You Need To Know About

We all have our own ideas about dangerous foods. Most of us jump to the ideas of exotic foods during our travels but in reality, this is not the case. The following list was made considering poisonous produce and hygienically

8 Facts You Need To Know About Hand Washing

From a very early age, hand washing is instilled into us as of utmost importance. It keeps the germs off and stops it from spreading. ‘Wash your hands after you sneeze,’ my mother always says. But are we simply over

Top 7 Food Safety Tips You Have To Know

Food safety is something that we know needs to be upheld for any food business. But with so many different tips and suggestions, what are the best ones to follow? And what ones can you easily take home to apply


10 foods to avoid while pregnant … and why

Pregnancy hormones can lower a woman’s immune system to the point that infections and diseases that she would normally fight off can have much more serious consequences. When talking about food poisoning, the two main culprits are listeria (Listeria monocytogenes)

How Goes the Hepatitis A Issue In The United States?

There has been a very severe case of hepatitis A infection spread around the United States. It has now been confirmed that almost 150 people have contracted the virus. The state of Kentucky reported its first death in the outbreak

How Are Pesticides Affecting Wild Bees?

Pesticides are a common thing in a lot farms nowadays. It protects the harvest from pests from infecting the crops and also ensures good-looking final products. However, a recent research in Europe has banned a particular pesticide because it puts

potentially hazardous foods

Protecting your customers from listeria

The news today is reporting a story about two people who have died from listeria infection. Ten people in total have been affected by this outbreak, which has been linked to rockmelons from a farm at Nericon in the Riverina

What Popular Fruit Is Causing A Food Poisoning Outbreak?

A food poisoning outbreak has occurred around Australia. What fruit is involved with this food safety scandal? How severe is the case? And what should we do to prevent it? The fruit involved with this food poisoning outbreak is rockmelon.

What Chocolate Has Recently been Recalled In Australia?

For many people, chocolate is important. It is a stress reliever and just a delicious snack. With Valentine’s Day having just passed, the cocoa goodness and its sales would have gone through the roof! But yesterday, a major Australian chocolate

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