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Food Safety Problems for Wal-Mart China


food safety

American companies in China have had the worst luck with food safety over the past month. Wal-Mart, a supermarket company from the States, are now facing a scandal relating to the use of expired meat prepared for consumers. This sounds way too familiar… click here for a hint.

An anonymous employee at Wal-Mart in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Providence, announced this information to the press. Having worked their for six years, the whistle blower posted a video on the internet, that shows expired meat being used to prepare food and they did not replace the old cooking oil that was used to fried foods; at worst the oil was not change for 15 days.

In their defence, a Wal-Mart employee told the Global Times on Sunday that the Wal-Mart Headquarters of China regularly sends local quality authorities to make spot checks on each of the supermarkets; one was made at the Shenzhen store only a few days ago. The authorities were pleased with the state of the kitchen at the time.

No matter the circumstance, this adds to the fuel of food safety in China. After the much talked about expired chicken scandal that has affected McDonald’s, KFC and many more other major food chains, China’s food safety authorities need to consider creating new laws that will promote a more hygienic food handling procedures.

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