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Australia and New Zealand Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food has been highly contested subject for a while. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is asking the public for their opinions on this matter. What issue are they asking about?

The public is encouraged to submit their opinions on the new breeding techniques and how laws should apply to food derived from then. Since the late 1990s, genetically modified food have been transgenesis. This is when plants have been modified by inserting new DNA.

The Genetically Modified Conundrum

New plant and animal breeding techniques (NBTs) encompasses a diverse new set of procedures. The issues is that the current food safety standards does not cover all the various methods. Some of these new methods can be used to make define changes to genome of an organism without introducing any new DNA. Therefore, some NBTs can be similar to the food that has been produced using conventional methods.

FSANZ is now seeking submission on how it should regulate this process.

Do you have an opinion on how this should go forward? Should you do more research on genetically modified food or NBTs?

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